For tour guests:

How do I register to participate in one of your tours and create an account?

Browse tours, select dates and click on the “Book now” button on the right lower corner of the tour page. The button will add to tours to your cart. You can return to browse more tours or proceed to checkout. On the checkout screen, you’ll be prompted to create an account.  

Can I book more than one tour?

Yes, you can. Select one or several of the predefined one-day or multiple-day programs.

When I am browsing tours I see that different dates show “Accepting pre-orders” or “Confirmed tour” notices. What do they mean?

The majority of tours require a minimum number of participants to be registered for the tour to happen.  When a tour hasn’t reached a minimum number of visitors, it is only accepting pre-orders. Visitors who paid for the tour during the pre-orders phase will be notified if the tour has reached a minimum number of participants well in advance. “Confirmed tour” means that there’s a minimum number of tickets sold.

What is the difference between "Waitlist ticket" and "Team ticket"?

 After purchasing an individual waitlist ticket, you are added to the waitlist for a tour. The tour is on if a minimum number of tickets is sold. We’ll notify you if the tour is canceled and you’ll get a full refund. 

Team ticket is for teams of up to 10 people. The tour is on if at least one team ticket is sold.

Not sure which option to choose or the date is not right for you? Submit a request for a custom tour and we’ll organize a program to meet your goals.

What is the difference between “One-day tour” and “Five-day program”?

One-day tour is a predefined tour program that consists of several companies/places and meetings with experts. One-day tours are suitable for people who don’t have much free time in Silicon Valley. One-day tours combine practical education with entertainment.

Five-day tours are immersive experiences that explore announced topics in-depth. Suitable for people looking to tighten their ties with Silicon Valley. You’ll experience a full immersion into Silicon Valley innovation and tech culture.


With one-day or multiple-day tours, we provide transportation and guidance throughout the tour. 

Do you give discounts?

Yes, we do provide discounts. Look out for these during the booking process – you’ll see discount values when selecting the number of tickets.

Is there transportation between meetings?

One-day or multiple-day tours include transportation and guide services. 

Is there a limit for a number of tickets I can book?

No, book as many tickets as you want, just keep in mind that there’s a limited amount of spots available for each tour. We prefer to work with small groups of 15-20 people max.

I have questions about a tour. How do I contact tour hosts?

If you have a question about a particular tour, please use the form on the Help page.

What is your cancellation policy?

Get a full refund on tickets for participating in innovation tour if you change your mind within 15 days or more before the start date. We’ll contact you and issue a full refund automatically, including all fees if the tour was canceled by the host company.

To officially request a cancellation of your experience or event, please contact us.

Will you help me with my U.S. visa?

No, we don’t do that. If you’re traveling from abroad, please, contact your local U.S. Embassy.

What’s included in the tour price? What am I paying for?

Tour price consists of platform commission and organization fees, transportation costs as well as lunch. 

Can I edit my tour registration details and add more people to my group?

Please contact us if you need to change names on the tickets. If you need additional tickets, you can book them just as you normally would.

How do I find my tickets and schedule/agenda?

Once you book a tour and make a payment, an order email is sent to you that has all necessary information: tour dates and times, organization notes and additional information from tour hosts. Please treat your order emails as tickets.

For tour hosts:

How does “becoming a host” work?

  • Fill out a Become a Host form – add your tour description, photos and let us know which dates/tour frequency is preferred for you.
  • After the information has been submitted to us, it is reviewed by our team. The review shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. 
  • We’ll be in touch at least two weeks prior to the event to confirm tour details and pass on information about tour visitors.

How do I cancel a tour?

Please contact us at least two weeks before the tour event. It is safe to have multiple people be responsible for the tour presentation/walk through.

What do you charge for your services?

Nothing – it’s free for hosting companies.

How do I find out who is coming?

Once we have a minimal group for the tour confirmed, we’ll be in touch and pass on participant info so that you know who is coming and what questions they might have. We’ll contact you once more a couple of days before the tour with the full list of guests.

Is there a minimum number of tours I need to have in a particular period of time?

No, there isn’t a minimum required number of tours for a particular timeframe. However, we suggest hosting a tour every two weeks.

How do you make sure enough people show up for the tour?

There’s a minimum number of people (usually 5) required for the tour to happen. If we can sign up this many people by a certain date (usually couple of weeks before the event), the tour is confirmed and we pass the information to the tour hosts. If a minimum number of participants does not register, the tour is cancelled.

Can I give a presentation/lecture at your office or does it have to be my office?

Absolutely! We are always looking for interesting speakers. Please contact us to make arrangements.