Immersion program

Digital Future of Energy: Renewables and New Technologies

The Digital Future of Energy immersion program is specifically designed for industry leaders seeking to leverage emerging technologies to transform their businesses.

The program agenda is built around visits to top innovative companies, presentations by industry experts and disruptive startups of Silicon Valley, vibrant Q+A and round table debates, and cutting-edge technology tryouts to illustrate the strategic, leadership, and innovation fundamentals of how established companies can adapt to digital transformation. Within only one week participants will understand all the relevant emerging technologies and the economic benefits for Oil & Gas companies.

Note that final agenda, final list of participating companies and activities is subject to change and will be finalized closer to the date of the event.

  • 5-day immersion
  • Quarterly
About the host

Silicon Valley Innovation Center is the innovation hub helping companies and individuals from all over the world connect to Silicon Valley innovations and technologies. We organize Silicon Valley company visits, expert talks, and training as part of our executive programs, immersion study tours and leadership summits.

Program Outline

Day 1

Digital Revolution: Drivers, Players, Best Practices

Learn about the concept of digital transformation as an ongoing evolution to become a more agile, responsive and adaptable organization. Evaluate main reasons, challenges and outcomes of becoming digital, using examples of leading oil & gas players and other producing industries. Find out who will win and who will lose in the Oil & Gas and related industries revolution driven by the world of digitization, increasing automation and new business models. 

  • Program Kick Off: Visit to a Silicon Valley cradle of innovation – IDEO
  • Digital Revolution: The New Generation of Digital Technologies and Their Impact on Industries
  • Best Practices in Digital Transformation: Application to Oil & Gas
  • Strategic Focus On Data Digitization and Analytics, New Infrastructure, Cross Functional Collaboration


Leading Digital Transformation: from Theory to Practice

New technologies and business models threaten to displace current market leaders and to erode their profits. How can decision makers recognize new threats and turn them into business opportunities? Learn what innovation tactics, metrics and approaches can help companies digitally transform and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Custom Design Thinking Workshop
  • How to Develop a Strategic Digital Transformation Plan
    • Establishing KPIs and ROI criteria to Measure Digital Transformation Success
    • Rethinking Every Aspect of Your Organization to Make Digital Transformation Possible
    • Building a Digital Transformation Launch Team (a Digital Unit) and Nurturing a Digital Culture Across the Organization
    • Building a Roadmap to Navigate the Digital Transformation Journey
  • Strategic Investment: Chasing the Next Big Thing for Digital Oilfield. Evaluating Tech Investment Risks vs. Reward

Day 3

Breakthrough Research and Corporate Innovation: Visit to Stanford University and Top Tech Companies

Visit Silicon Valley’s cradle of innovation and entrepreneurship – Stanford University and meet with researchers of innovation labs to get a sneak pick of their recent work in the areas of AI, ML, data analytics, the energy sector development as well as the innovation methodology of design thinking. During the day get introduced to the real life examples of the Silicon Valley companies to learn frameworks for successful corporate innovation and creating a corporate innovation culture while touring campuses of the world famous tech giants and unicorns. 

  • Spearheading Breakthrough Science: Innovation Ecosystem at Stanford University
  • Biggest Success Stories of Silicon Valley
  • What can big companies learn from startups that have quickly become world famous?

Day 4

Applying Next Generation Technologies to Oil & Gas: AI, IoT, Blockchain

Oil & Gas companies and other industries have been experiencing a flood of new technical solutions, smart products and services. Take a deep dive into the technologies reshaping the Oil & Gas industry of tomorrow. Discover practical applications and learn how to turn the latest technology advancement into the business value.

  • The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging Industry 4.0 Smart Solutions
  • The New Frontiers of Connectivity: Internet of Things, Sensors, Data Integration
  • Cognitive Systems: The Next Evolution of Enterprise Intelligence
  • Panel Discussion: Blockchain for Industries. Evolution, Timeline, Trends, Players. 

Day 5

Clean Energy of the Future: Disruptive Business Models and Opportunities for Oil & Gas

Sales of plug-in electric vehicles last year were 42 per cent higher than in 2015, growing eight times faster than the overall market (Forbes, May 2017). The storage capacity of big lithium ion battery systems more than doubled last year. At the same time, developed economies are becoming ever more oriented toward services that have less need for resources, whereas the global economy is using resources less intensively overall. These new trends together with low commodity prices over the past years, are making fossil fuel giants look for new business opportunities in new places like renewable and clean energy.

  • Solar and Wind Energy: Innovation Beyond Fossil Fuels
  • The Next Generation of the Energy Storage Solutions
  • New Disruptors in Bio Fuel and Fuel Cell Technologies: What’s Next?
  • Waste Heat to Power as a Source of Energy: Opportunities for the Industrial Sector


Absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring

I just wanted to thank SVIC for all of the effort and organization that you put into the executive program. It was absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring to be a part of the group, get acquainted with the business culture of Silicon Valley and visit top Silicon Valley companies.

Chaiwat Kovavisarach

President & CEO, Bangchak, Thailand

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Where we'll be

The journey will start in San Mateo, in Silicon Valley Innovation Center’s office. We’ll tour offices of innovative Silicon Valley companies. Transportation and guide services are provided.

What's included
  • Expert presentations
  • Lectures
  • Q&A
  • Networking
  • Product Testing
  • Lunch
  • Transfers
  • Walk Around
What you'll do

Develop a visionary perspective and identify opportunities for future growth by understanding the monetization gains and efficiency increase potential coming from new technologies, business models and partnerships.


Meet with Silicon Valley innovators who aspire to change the world and discover the latest technology breakthroughs.

What you'll learn

Get to know the inspiring innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley and receive an expert view on the future of industries in the context of The Fourth Industrial Revolution and other breakthrough ideas.
Discover how the Oil & Gas industry will be forever changed by the most disruptive technologies such as mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain.
Learn from others what it means to digitally transform an organization, and discover the best practices for making it happen.

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