Immersion program

The Future of Information and Digital Services

Explore the radical changes taking place in the role of the CIO due to the accelerating influence of technology. Discover the latest  digital technology trends and learn how they can help give your company a  competitive advantage.  IoT and sensorification of enterprise, predictive analytics, mobile, cloud, AI, smart machines, big data, machine learning, DevOps, and cybersecurity are just a few of the topics you will learn about from  top experts, your Silicon Valley peers and IT thought leaders.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand which hot technology innovations will have a big impact and which are destined to fizzle out.
  • Discover corporate IT investment trends for the next 3-5 years.
  • Network with innovation-focused CIOs to explore IT strategies, frameworks and best practices of digital transformation.


Note that final agenda, final list of participating companies and activities is subject to change and will be finalized closer to the date of the event.

  • 5-day immersion
  • Twice a year
About the host

Silicon Valley Innovation Center is the innovation hub, helping companies and individuals from all over the world connect to Silicon Valley innovations and technologies. We organize Silicon Valley company visits as part of our executive programs, immersion study tours, industry-specific programs and leadership summits.

Program Outline

Day 1 – Innovation Immersion

Secrets of the Silicon Valley Innovation Ecosystem

Can genius be distilled into a process? In our opening session, learn what defines Silicon Valley as the world’s most famous innovation hub. Explore existing theories of disruptive innovation and practical solutions to the “innovator’s dilemma” as illustrated by the successes and failures of established technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Hear about emerging tech trends, customer centricity and the best practices of corporate Innovation.

Day 2 – The Future of Work

Two-Sided Marketplaces and Applied Artificial Intelligence

Two-sided marketplaces are services designed to create a network effect. The information technology revolution has generated a sea change in how markets function. Two-sided platforms allow unprecedented control over design and operation of markets.

Within this session, listen to presentations from leading sharing economy and online labor platforms and learn how platforms can help you transform your business.

Day 3 – Technology

New Software Solutions in Risk & Compliance

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity may be the greatest challenges boards of directors face today. Luckily, new software solutions allow for intelligently managing processes and enterprise assets while also providing real-time visibility and control.

Meet companies developing innovations in IoT, predictive analytics, mobile, cloud, AI, smart machines, big data, machine learning and more.

Day 4 – Startups

Disrupt your own business

Digital markets move quickly; not only are they  more dynamic than traditional markets but they can also be  disrupted more easily. To survive and succeed in the digital world, businesses need to be agile – they need to be able to respond quickly and easily to changing market conditions, customer preferences or competitor activity.

In this business session, meet famous startups and see how you can benchmark competitors, develop a web-based business plan to erode your own customer base and then change your own business operations to respond to the threat.

Day 5 – Strategy

Applying Design Thinking to Solve Strategic and Product Innovation Challenges

The rise of cloud computing, social media, mobile technology and data analytics is disrupting existing business models and patterns of employment.

Learn how to apply design thinking principles to engage differently with a customer to help identify high-value problems that are worth solving. In this corporate strategy session, meet top technology executives and create a digital strategy through the prism of human-centered design.

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Where we'll be

The journey will start in San Mateo, in Silicon Valley Innovation Center’s office. We’ll tour offices of innovative Silicon Valley companies. Transportation and guide services are provided.

What you'll do

Visit companies typically not open to the public and interact in person with innovation leaders.

  • Speaker presentations
  • Q&A
  • Walk around
  • Food and beverages
  • Transfers between meetings
  • Experienced guide
Networking opportunities

Network with innovation-focused CIOs to explore IT strategies, frameworks and best practices of digital transformation.

What you'll learn

Learn about digital from digitally native companies as well as established players. Get exclusive advice from visionaries and innovators who have made substantial breakthroughs in their industry.

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