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IngDan Experience Center: The Next Gen of Technologies

The IngDan Experience Center showcases the most innovative AI and IoT products and allows consumers to experience the power of the products you build. Experiences range from Health and Wellness, Smart Home, Intelligent Transportation, Virtual Reality, Drones, 3D printing and more.

Witness Innovations in reality. Get a feel for new tech devices in the following industries: health and wellness, smart home, intelligent transportation, Virtual Reality, drones, 3D printing and much more. Join one of SVIC programs and experience with IngDan how new products, technologies, and gadgets can reshape our life entirely. Get knowledge from the source and charge your business with new innovative ideas and insights.

At the IngDan Experience Center, you can play with smart emerging tech gadgets. Some of the tech gadgets include SmartyPans, Xiao You robot, and Jisiwei robot that can watch your home and pet by remote control through the camera and a smartphone app.