Immersion program

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Silicon Valley Immersion Program

Hosted by Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Tap into the energy and excitement that permeates Silicon Valley. Meet mentors, successful entrepreneurs, potential investors, partners and team members. Visit startups, companies such as Google, Facebook, Tesla and others to learn what it takes to make your idea a reality.

Key Benefits:

  • Expand your network in Silicon Valley and around the world.
  • Get introduced to potential investors and strategic partners and find out about collaboration opportunities.
  • Learn leadership skills to build your company and team.


Note that final agenda, final list of participating companies and activities is subject to change and will be finalized closer to the date of the event.

  • 5 days
  • Quarterly
About the host
Since 2012, Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) has been empowering senior-level executive leaders from around the world to uncover business growth opportunities behind the threats of disruptive technologies.

Program Outline

Day 1 – Innovation Culture

Silicon Valley Innovation Ecosystem

Can genius be distilled into a process? In our opening session, learn what defines Silicon Valley as the world’s most famous innovation hub. Explore existing theories of disruptive innovation and practical solutions to the “innovator’s dilemma” as illustrated by the successes and failures of established technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Hear about emerging tech trends, customer centricity and the best practices of corporate Innovation.

Day 2 – Startup Accelerators and Venture Capital

Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

Visit the world’s most famous accelerators to learn how new startups are being formed, how they operate, and how they are  being funded. Visit  accelerators like 500 startups, Plug and Play and Y Combinator.

Day 3 – Silicon Valley Legends

Legendary startups and Silicon Valley unicorns

This company tour includes visits to Google, Apple, NASA and Tesla. Let our expert guide you through these legendary HQs as you learn the amazing insider stories of these companies’ cultures and products.

Day 4 – Technologies

Technology and Business Trends for Entrepreneurs

Meet with fearless serial entrepreneurs who turned their ideas into reality using Silicon Valley resources. Get exposed to the latest Silicon Valley tech: VR/AR, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles and FinTech to name just a few. Get an overview of industries being disrupted.

Day 5 – Leadership

Leadership and management tips from Silicon Valley innovators

Lean Startup, Customer Development, Rapid Prototyping, Design Thinking, Business Model Maps – these are just some of the tools you’ll master during leadership workshops at Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Meet with famous investors and entrepreneurs who will share their lessons learned and insights gained from years of making investments.

Learn the process of finding the customer’s unsolved problem, and take a hypothesis-driven and iterative approach to discovering a scalable solution. Learn how to innovate and lead during the time of uncertainty.