Immersion program

Innovation in Retail & Ecommerce Executive Immersion Program

On this five-day experience you'll discover how disruptive, transformative technologies and innovations are shaping the future of shopping. We'll explore the Internet of me, intelligent automation, robotics, machine learning, augmented reality, social currency and more. You’ll learn how to apply inventive business models that drive sales, reduce costs and keep your customers happy.

Key Benefits:

  • Discover new technologies that are changing the face of retail and enhancing the customer experience.
  • Learn about new digital business models and non-traditional competitors.
  • Explore the world of Silicon Valley innovations and find out how they can help create a 360-degree, next-gen customer experience and build customer loyalty.


Note that final agenda, final list of participating companies and activities is subject to change and will be finalized closer to the date of the event.

  • 5-day immersion
  • Runs every quarter
About the host

At Silicon Valley Innovation Center our mission is to help global businesses accelerate transformation. Through our unique innovation tours, executive immersion programs, corporate strategy sessions, startup showcases and executive conferences we can connect your organization to some of the most exciting technology companies and startups Silicon Valley has to offer.

Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, board directors of multi-billion dollar corporations, corporate executives, business owners and government leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond.

Program Outline

Day 1 – The Art of Innovation

Silicon Valley and its Ecosystem

In our opening session we’ll take a dive deep into what defines and drives innovation in Silicon Valley.

Why do large companies find it difficult to grow through innovation and how do they overcome this challenge?  We’ll explore existing theories of disruptive innovation and practical solutions to the “innovator’s dilemma,” as illustrated by the successes and failures of established technology companies in Silicon Valley.

In 2018, retail is ripe for disruption. Let us be your guide as you apply the principles of innovation and understand why established retailers are making significant investments in tech.

Day 2 – Technologies

Innovation to drive sales

On day two of the tour you’ll learn which technologies are likely to influence how retailers interact with their customers and manage their operations. Omnichannel analytics, machine learning, augmented reality, robotics and blockchain; these are just a few of the forces now shaping the retail sales landscape.


Day 3 – Competition

Lessons from the digitally native

A new breed of digitally native e-commerce startup is on the horizon. These companies don’t hesitate to use robots beyond the warehouse; they also take them into the aisle, onto home delivery and beyond.

The most innovative startups are employing the principles of the digital economy to build customer loyalty. Chatbots and smart virtual assistants are changing the face of the consumer journey.

On day three of our executive immersion program you’ll learn how digitally native retailers and e-commerce startups have the edge when it comes to competing with traditional companies.

Day 4 – The age of the customer

Understand your consumer: payments, analytics and customer relationships

Meet the wallet-free shopper. Do you understand her needs?

The demanding customer of the future doesn’t want to stand in line. She doesn’t want to pay with cash but she does want a convenient, secure way to buy goods while also collecting loyalty points.

Retailers need to react. IoT and robotization are increasing the number of available data points, but the threat of  information overload is real. Those who will emerge as winners will be the most innovative e-tailers using AI and machine learning to translate that data into actionable solutions.

On day four of our program you’ll meet successful startups applying the latest technologies to make waves in conversational commerce, real-time pricing, in-store visual monitoring, predictive analytics and more.

Day 5 – Strategy

Corporate Innovation in Retail

What are technology retailers such as Amazon, Ebay and Walmart doing to stay in the game? Join our strategic innovation session and  brainstorm together with top-notch Silicon Valley experts on the corporate tactics that will shape retail businesses.

Anticipate the threats, spot opportunities and prepare for the future with us.

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Where we'll be

The journey will start in San Mateo, at the offices of Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Across the five days we’ll visit company sites across the southern San Francisco Bay area. All the necessary transportation and guide services will be provided.

What's included
  • Expert presentations
  • Lectures
  • Q&A sessions
  • Networking
  • Product testing
  • Lunch
  • Transfers
  • Guided tours
What you'll do

Visit the most innovative Silicon Valley companies and startups poised to transform retail and e-commerce. Feel the speed of innovative thought. Experience disruptive technologies.


Connect with Silicon Valley executives and meet top innovators in marketing and e-commerce. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to talk to professionals pioneering such fields as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and more.

What you'll learn

You’ll get introduced to the best marketing practices, connect with a young generation of consumers and learn how to create outstanding customer experiences. Learn about digital from digitally native companies as well as established players.

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