One Day Tour

The Future of Money: Blockchain & FinTech Startups One-Day Tour

Designed specifically for financial services executives, the one-day Blockchain & FinTech Startups Tour provides unmatched insights into the impact of technology innovations on finance.

A must for anyone who needs to know about the latest trends in FinTech, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from the Silicon Valley insiders making them happen.

  • One-day immersion
  • Runs every two weeks
About the host

Silicon Valley Innovation Center is on a mission is to help global businesses accelerate transformation. Through our unique innovation tours, executive immersion programs, corporate strategy sessions, startup showcases and executive conferences we can connect your organization to some of the most exciting technology companies and startups Silicon Valley has to offer.

Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, board directors of multi-billion dollar corporations, corporate executives, business owners and government leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond.

A unique silicon valley experience

Inspirational Insights

Discover powerful new ideas about the future of your industry by interacting with like-minded participants, speakers, and Silicon Valley insiders.

Practical Takeaways

Tap into the wealth of experience Silicon Valley has to offer. Experience disruptive new technologies and find out how they’ll effect your business.

Experiential Learning

Immerse yourself in Silicon Valley and learn from real-life stories of success and failure from local innovators, startups and entrepreneurs.

Hands-on Experience

See technology demos and test new products first-hand. Be first to try out the latest innovations. Witness the future today.

Topics Covered

Facing The Challenges

Digital Banking

Trends and innovations in mobile and tablet banking; authentication, biometrics, mobile payments, user experience, millennials, analytics and more.

Bracing For Impact


Applications, evolution, timelines, key players and trends. We explore the implications for finance and beyond of one of the world’s most disruptive technologies.

Top Trends


Non-banking payment service providers and established non-payments technology giants are playing an ever greater role; we discuss their impact on innovation in the payments value chain.

Program Outline

Innovation culture

Secrets of Silicon Valley Innovation

More than just a spot on the map, Silicon Valley is a universal symbol of endless innovation. It’s given us the image of the idealistic entrepreneur: the child prodigy who drops out of college to found a company in their garage before going on to change the world through technology.

That stereotype persists today through monuments like the HP garage in Palo Alto. Now a museum which visitors flock to, it’s also a permanent reminder of the power of “the founder myth.”

But does that story reflect the reality of life and work in the Valley today? Can the Silicon Valley ethos be applied in different ways outside the area or do we all have to be visionary garage entrepreneurs? Find out at the tour opening lecture at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center.

Innovative Companies

Tour Blockchain and Payments Startups in Silicon Valley

On this tour you’ll visit up to five fintech startups in one day to explore the concepts of blockchain, bitcoin, peer-to-peer lending and AI.

We’ll connect you with companies like Bitpay, Prosper, Hyperwallet and Syndeo as you brainstorm the future of money and get ready for the next wave of tech disruption.

You’ll meet rapidly growing FinTech companies to explore how consumers and small businesses are evolving their thinking when it comes to life’s financial decisions.

Get a glimpse into the future as you learn how the credit card business is transforming and what that means for established financial services organizations.

(These companies participated in previous programs. List of companies is subject to change without notice)

More tour details


Discover the revolutionary ideas and platforms set to challenge and ultimately transform existing industries. Connect with Silicon Valley visionaries to share best practices of applying emerging technologies.

Where we'll be

This tour takes place across several locations in the southern San Francisco Bay area. It starts and ends at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center at 1850 Gateway Drive, Suite 150, San Mateo, CA.

What's included
  • Speaker presentations
  • Q&A sessions
  • Guided tours
  • Food and beverages
  • Transfers
What you'll learn

This is your chance to get immersed in Silicon Valley like never before. With unique access to local innovators, startups and entrepreneurs, you’ll learn what lies in store for the financial services industry and how FinTech is shaking up established practices.

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Group size

There are 20 spots available on this tour.

Guest requirements

All guests must be at least 18 years old and children can’t come along.