What our customers say

Opens your eyes

This week we spent with our business partners from Germany and Austria in California. I think it was an awesome experience and it was nice to see the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. One of the key takeaways for me is how ideas are born in Silicon Valley, and how they are taking into curation and executed. It will be very interesting to see how we can bring this new startup mentality and scale it to replicable business model. Visiting such companies as Google and Linkedin is always inspiring. I would recommend everybody to make this trip because it opens your eyes and mind.

Rinse Tamsma

SVP at SAP, Germany

Overall a great trip

I came here to Silicon Valley to explore innovation and new ideas, specifically around logistics and operations. It's been a really interesting trip. We have seen all types of different innovative companies, and we have been introduced into markets that define the public transportation. It has been overall a great trip and learning experience.

Mike Smith

CIO and VP of Operations, Sonepar, USA

Successful immersion experience

Thank you so much for an excellent program and successful immersion experience with SVIC. We were pleasantly surprised with what we were able to achieve and what we are going to achieve. The program was very well structured, and the choice of organizations from Silicon Valley was very well thought through. Thank you.

Nelson Gasparian

Commercial Director at Bexs Banco de Câmbio, Brazil

Really interesting

I spent one week in Silicon Valley: it was really interesting, and I got to know all the new technologies that will impact the business of the future. I recommend to visit Silicon Valley and visit all these different companies and meet different people to understand what is happening and how it will affect your industry.

Eric Cortois

Chief Retail Officer at D'Ieteren Auto, Belgium

Very helpful

I am very thankful to SVIC for organizing this one-week event. It was very helpful to get to know VCs who are investing in new digital technologies, entrepreneurs who are is building these technologies and large companies that are already applying it.

Juan Clariond

Executive Chairman at Dimex Capital & Alis Foods, Mexico

Great job

Thank you for your great job. The program was very well designed and executed: bringing different elements of Silicon Valley innovation culture, meetings, company visits, and startup showcases.  The key takeaway of the program: understand how can startups and corporates work together and create partnerships where both sides can benefit.

Fouad Alnazawi

Managing Director at Lamarka Consulting Services, Saudi Arabia